South Korea has asked the United States to expand the country’s strategic weapons

Joseph Dunford

Head of South Korean joint chiefs of staff General Lee sun-Jin turned to his American colleague Joseph Dunford with a request to place on the territory of the country of strategic weapons on a regular basis. About it reports “Yonhap”.

Between high-level military held a telephone conversation during which the sides confirmed their commitment to two States for the establishment of a defense system aimed at reflection of the growing threats from North Korea.

The Agency reminds that on Thursday, February 2, is scheduled to visit in Seoul of Secretary of defense James Mattis, who will meet with the head of the South Korean defense Minister Han Min-Kun. They will also discuss the issue of placement of strategic weapons.

Currently, South Korea based American bombers B-52 and B-1B, deployed to the Peninsula after the nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang on 9 September last year.

In Seoul feared that North Korea could make a new test on February 16, in honor of the 75th anniversary of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and April 15, in commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the birth of the late North Korea founder Kim Il sung.

On 1 January this year, North Korea leader Kim Jong UN said that Intercontinental ballistic missile in the DPRK is “in final stages of development”. He also reiterated the commitment of the leadership of the country “rate to (…) strengthen the nuclear deterrent.”

The strategic weapons include various types of defensive and offensive weapons: Intercontinental ballistic missiles, bombers, submarines capable of carrying nuclear warheads, as well as counter — defense, missile defense and others.