Political strategists in the Indian Punjab was accused of narcological

On the eve of elections in the Indian state of Punjab, the spin doctors opposing parties actively attract voters with the help of drugs. This is with reference to the officials of the local electoral Commission reports the South China Morning Post.

According to sources, while in other States of India of trying to bribe voters with household appliances, alcohol, or cash, in Punjab, the political consultants hired by the parties and independent candidates, offer drugs. As a rule, politicians during the election campaign promised to relentlessly fight illicit drugs.

“In the last election, in 2012, we banned the use of drugs at the time of the vote — said one of the former policemen. Only this month we seized about 55 pounds of heroin, about 430 kilograms of poppy straw, and found that the state is literally Packed with a variety of drugs”. Since then the situation has only worsened, as revealed in the result of the poll in 2015, from 27 million residents of the state 320 thousand are drug addicts.

Elections in Punjab will begin on February 4th and will be held in several rounds.