In the Parliament called “window dressing” the funeral of five fighters APU, instead of 200

Former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Igor Markov said that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is a show of the funeral of soldiers of the APU in Kiev, writes “Politnavigator”. He claims that the leader of the country staged a new round of war in Donbass “to recycle” the most uncomfortable of radicals and nationalists, and their deaths represent, as aggression from the Russian Federation.


According to him, “ostentatious” the ceremony of farewell to the dead militants, which the authorities staged in the center of Kiev, could show the true face of Poroshenko, if to Europe reached the real scale of military losses.


“With regard to funerals on the Maidan, Poroshenko if a person has collected 150 Ukrainian soldiers, who are lying now in the fields, and brought them all to the Maidan, I think the effect would be exactly the opposite. Five deaths and 200 people”, – he said.


In addition, he noted that the problem is in the colleagues of the victims, who simply do not collect their dead soldiers.

Photo: Serg Glovny / Globallookpress