In the Kremlin commented on the arrest of the FSB officers on charges of treason

Dmitry Peskov

The arrest of the staff of the information security Center of FSB of Russia in the case of treason is not related to hacker attacks in the United States during the election campaign. On Wednesday, February 1, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“In any case, no cases of this kind can not have a relationship to these ridiculous insinuations, because, as we have said, we categorically deny any allegations about the possible involvement of the Russian side to any hacking attacks”, — said Peskov. He also suggested that President Vladimir Putin reported on the media publications on the issue.

“I is not known”, — he said, answering a question of journalists, informed the Russian leader about the arrests of officers of the FSB.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that Sergey Mikhailov, leader of one of divisions of information security center of FSB of Russia and its subordinate Dmitry Dokuchaev charged with treason; this and accused the employee of “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov.

According to one version, they are accused of cooperation with the CIA. On the other, in the criminal case of treason allegedly included foreign intelligence agencies, including the us, but about the CIA.

About the arrest of Mikhailov, Dokuchaev and Stoyanov became known in January.