In Peterhof stole left on the street child in the stroller

School No. 412Продолжение: In St. Petersburg was found stolen from strollers two year old child

In the suburbs of St. Petersburg — Peterhof — stole the wheelchair c two-year-old boy that left school had gone away for 10 minutes mother. About it reports to “Fontanka”.

As have told in city police, February 2 from a local resident to law enforcement authorities received a complaint about the missing son.

According to preliminary information, she went to educational institution to pick up the older child, leaving the stroller with the youngest on the street, and when he returned, found her on the spot. According to eyewitnesses, it was taken away by some woman.

After some time the stroller found in Strelna (near Peterhof), however the baby was not in it.

Introduced plan “Interception”.