Grushko: Russia is waiting for NATO’s constructive response on the issue of risk reduction


RIA Novosti

Russia has proposed the North Atlantic Alliance the proposal to begin discussions on military security and stability and constructive response. This was stated in an interview with German broadcaster NDR, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“We proposed to start technical military discussions in order to consider all matters related to military security and stability,” – said the diplomat. These proposals remain on the negotiating table. We expect that NATO will sooner or later give a constructive response,” he added.

Grushko also said that Russia “has offered the United States to negotiate amendments to existing bilateral agreements and to define the maximum and minimum distance that ships and aircraft both sides can approach each other.”

During a meeting of the Council NATO – Russia (NRC) at the ambassadorial level in December 2016, the Russian Federation announced the reduction in the level of security in Europe and called on the Alliance to abandon military activities on its borders. “We noted that the situation in the field of European security continues to deteriorate. The main negative factor is the continued strengthening of the “Eastern flank” of NATO, the deployment of forces and means of the United States and its allies, and building up military infrastructure along the Russian border. These actions weaken regional security, including the security of those countries of the Alliance, the defense of which these measures supposedly designed to strengthen”, – said Grushko.