Duterte will leave the army to fight drug traffickers

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said he intends to use the country’s armed forces to combat drug traffickers. About it reports Reuters.

The corresponding decree will be signed in the near future. According to the Philippine leader, this is because drugs have become a threat to national security. In this Duterte stressed that he did not intend to declare martial law, although it has repeatedly threatened to do.

The Agency connects this decision with the crisis in the Philippine police, which is at least a month was forced to suspend operations against the drug mafia. The occasion was the murder of a South Korean businessman Chi IK Chu, who was kidnapped by fighters of a special squad to combat drugs.

After that, the chief of police of the Philippines Ronald dela Rosa warned about the beginning of the “war against scoundrels” in law enforcement. Duterte in turn announced that 40 percent of the guards are corrupt and “as vile as the gang leaders of narkotorgovtsev”.

10 Jan Filipino leader swore to kill officials involved in drug trafficking. He also said that he has a list of civil servants, which involves about 10 thousand names of the mayors, provincial governors, police officers, suspected of links with organized crime.

The campaign against drugs started in the Philippines in may 2016 — right after Duterte took office. In December it was reported that since his election as head of the state police killed in the course of special operations for more than two thousand people.