The media reported on a possible coordination of attacks on the United States and Russia in Syria

The Pentagon and the US state Department is studying the possibility of coordinated strikes by Russia to Syria. It is reported by The Washington Times, citing its own sources, involved in planning operations in the middle East.

According to the publication, the order of the American President Donald trump to strengthen the fight against “Islamic state” (IG; the activities of the group banned in Russia) will lead to an increase in the supply of weapons to Syrian Kurds, to increase air strikes against the Islamists and the more active work of special forces in the Arab country.

The previous administration refrained from increasing aid to the Kurds, fearing to anger Ankara, which considers them terrorists. The us military is now holding consultations with Turkish counterparts, trying to convince them of the validity of this step. “If we need for several months to take Raqqa, no one but the Kurds can not do, — said the source. But first they need to provide the right equipment and weapons”.

In addition may be reviewed by the permissible scope of so-called collateral damage — the number of civilians who could die in the air strikes. This will untie the hands of the U.S. air force and improve the effectiveness of the bombing, although it will lead to increase in casualties among civilians.

Earlier, the head of the U.S. Department of defense James Mattis has signed a Memorandum with a demand to revise the military budget increase. The exact amount is not yet known, stated only that the substantial increase in costs needed to remedy deficiencies in the training and equipping of troops, and to meet the new requirements arising in connection with the intensification of the campaign against ISIS.

28 Jan trump has instructed his administration to find new foreign partners for the coalition leading the fight against ISIS. In the Memorandum he ordered to proceed immediately to the creation of a comprehensive plan to defeat terrorists. Within 30 days the Minister of defence is obliged to submit to the President a preliminary draft, which should be “revealed new coalition partners in the fight against ISIS and policies to support coalition partners in the fight against ISIS and its supporters”.

In addition, the U.S. government mandated to modernize mechanisms to suppress financial support of the IG, including the illegal trade in oil and antiquities, as well as stronger measures to combat the problem of terrorism, especially on the Internet.