The Chita children’s home will check after message about suicide and abortion pupils

The centre named after Vladimir Podgorbunskogo

In the Chita center of assistance to children left without parental care, pre-investigating check launched after reports that one of the girls tried to commit suicide. This was reported on the website of the investigative Committee on Transbaikalian edge.

“To the children’s Ombudsman has addressed some of the workers at the children’s center, who reported the suicide attempt of 15-year-old pupils of the centre and on the operation of abortion another 15-year old pupils”, — stated in the message. It is specified that, according to employees of the orphanage, leadership not reported the incident to law enforcement.

The audit will be withdrawn with the necessary documentation. It is also planned to interview the management, the staff and pupils of the center.

In 2015, the number of managers of this institution have been prosecuted. It was found that pupils there were tied to the bed, dipped his head in the toilet, tied to a post and doused with water. Violations were revealed during the investigation on the fact of cruel treatment of children initiated against one of the teachers. It was also found that the leadership center has awarded more than 1.6 million rubles.