Rival Merkel told the Tramp that the lifting of sanctions against Russia

Martin Schulz

The candidate in German chancellors from the Social democratic party (SPD), former European Parliament President Martin Schulz criticized the policy of U.S. President Donald trump and warned him against the lifting of sanctions against Russia. About it reports Reuters.

“What makes trump, is not the American way”, — the politician said, expressing the view that the United States like no other country in the world, are a symbol of democracy and freedom.

Schultz urged Europe to stand up for liberal values. “If trump is now beginning to destroy those values, then I’ll tell him, being Chancellor: “It is not the policy of Germany and Europe””, — he said.

The candidate in chancellors also said that sanctions against Russia can be cancelled only after the implementation by all parties of the conflict in Ukraine Minsk agreements. “Until the Minsk agreements are not implemented in full, sanctions can’t be lifted. We must say clearly [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that Russia is obliged to respect and protect international law,” concluded Schultz.

The leader of the SPD, the economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel proposed to nominate in the parliamentary elections as a candidate in chancellors, former Chairman of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on January 24. The Gabriel refused to run.

The main rival of Schulz’s election will be the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is running for a fourth term from the conservative Christian democratic Union.

Elections to the German Parliament — the Bundestag is scheduled for September 24, 2017.

Schulz 60 — year-old German politician, member of the European Parliament since 1994, was head of the EP with 2012.