Putin’s conversation with trump started work on the restoration of relations – Russian Ambassador

Last January 28 conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald trump allowed to work on the restoration of relations between the two countries. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, RIA Novosti reported.   “It was the first conversation is good. He was devoted to specific issues on the international agenda in bilateral relations”, – said the Ambassador.   According to the Russian diplomat, the main result of the telephone talks was “was the feeling that we can sit down and finally start work on the return of relations.”   Earlier , the Minister inostrannnyh Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has shared details of a conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. According to the diplomat, during the meeting highlighted a number of areas in which the interests of our countries coincide. As for future conversations, dates and details will be

Lukashevich told, which seeks Kiev in Avdeevka

In the area of Avdeyevka Kiev has consistently implemented a strategy of capturing new territories in the South-East of Ukraine. So says the permanent representative of Russia to OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.   “The strategy of Kiev on the gradual capture, meter by meter, the so-called “gray zone” on the contact line and the advanced positions of the militia of Donetsk are implemented, as we see, consistently,” — said Lukashevich at a meeting of the permanent Council on the situation in the Donbass. His words leads RIA Novosti.   Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE noted that the onset of the APU is fully consistent with the statements of the interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, who has previously called for the capture of the border in 2017, as well as the position of Petro Poroshenko, who refused to carry out political items of the Minsk agreements until the armistice.  

Juncker was considered the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions premature

Jean-Claude Juncker European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the time for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions has not come yet. He stated this during a joint press conference with President of Bulgaria Rumena by Radium, reports New Europe. “We touched on relations between the European Union and Russia in the negotiations. I don’t think the President [of Bulgaria] and the Commission there are serious discrepancies, when it comes to sanctions against Russia. We made our decisions, these decisions are fair, and when we want to return to the discussion of this question, we will do so. But that time has not yet come”, — said Juncker. As writes in turn, The Sofia Globe, on the eve of his visit to Brussels the Bulgarian leader said that he sees no benefit from anti-Russian sanctions, while the losses from them are obvious. “I’m afraid that the new US administration to restore

The state Department announced the deaths of dozens of Ukrainian military near Avdeevka

The United States is concerned about the deteriorating situation in Eastern Ukraine and call for the immediate restoration of the ceasefire. This is stated in a statement issued on Tuesday, January 31, on the website of the US state Department. As noted in the foreign Ministry, the fighting has already led to the deaths of “tens of Ukrainian military” (Kiev has officially recognized eight dead soldiers APU — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), as well as ten civilian casualties. The state Department also said that as a result of aggravation of the situation without water, heat and light there are 17 thousand civilians, including 2.5 thousand children. “To prevent an even greater humanitarian crisis, we call for an immediate cease-fire, steady, full and unhindered access of OSCE observers. We also reiterate the support of the U.S. implementation of the Minsk agreements”, — said in a statement. Running for several days the

The UN has called for the immediate cessation of hostilities in the Donbass

The parties to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine should immediately stop “all hostilities” and abide by the truce. As reported on Tuesday, January 31, TASS said the official representative of the Secretary-General of the world organization Stefan Dujarric. The clashes on the contact line in the Donbas are a direct violation of the Minsk agreements, he said. “We urge all parties to immediately cease all hostilities, fully respect the ceasefire, to provide immediate and unhindered humanitarian access to the population, to ensure safe access of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE, which will allow it to report on the situation on the ground, and to resume efforts towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict”, — said Dyuzharrik. In addition, he expressed deep concern about the UN escalation of fighting near Avdeevka, Yasinovataya and Donetsk, which led to casualties and the fate of civilians. Earlier on January 31, the U.S. state

Recent overstayers in the office apartment of the former MP brought things

Michael Fill Former state Duma Deputy Mikhail Fill almost two months of illegally occupying official accommodation in Moscow, took out things and promised to leave it for days. On Tuesday, January 31, TASS reported. Fill was the last of the 14 former parliamentarians who refused to leave the service apartments. They will have to compensate for costs incurred through their fault. “Control manual for residential Fund Manager had submitted to the Nikulinskiy district court 14 claims annulment of the right of use of premises and eviction”, — said the press-Secretary of the administrative Department of the President of Russia Elena Krylova. Hearings on civil cases scheduled for 6 February. The claims against the defendants has already been freed of the apartments will be revoked, added the spokesman. According to her, also filed lawsuits against 14 former parliamentarians about the reimbursement of the cost of living from December 4, 2016 on

Took the alcohol from someone else’s office party, the actress and her friend accused of robbery

Actress Marina Moskvin and her friend Yulia Morozova was accused of attempted robbery committed on the new year party Rosgosstrakh Bank. On Tuesday, January 31, reports TASS with reference to lawyer Michael Osherova, whose office represents the interests of one of the accused (which, not specified). The incident occurred December 26, 2016 in the capital hotel “Korston”. As the lawyer told about the celebrations for his client found out in Instagram. “I saw… the announcement of the corporate Rosgosstrakh Bank with free entry, my friend decided to go to meet nice men. To explore failed decided to at least take champagne”, — quotes the lawyer of RIA Novosti. Moskvina and Morozov, according to Osherov, took three bottles of alcohol with a total value of not more than 2,5 thousand rubles (a bottle of champagne “Abrau Durso” and a bottle of Jameson whiskey, another bottle of champagne they brought the waitress

The Yaroslavl inspectors will check the baby for causing a fight teachers

In Yaroslavl verify information about beating of the schoolgirl classmate. On Tuesday, January 31, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee. The Agency learned about the incident from the media. “Information appeared that in the school №15 of the city of Yaroslavl the second class pupil was beaten by a girl, also a student of the second class. The victim was taken to hospital”, — stated in the message Department. Investigators believe that the school administration did not ensure the safety of children in school. Started checking, during which it is found, whether the inaction of the leadership of criminal negligence. “In the case of objective evidence of the facts stated in publications, will be promptly prosecuted”, — stated in the SC. Edition “About the city of Yaroslavl” says that children fight in the second half of day on January 31. The boy pushed his classmate, and when

Zakharov announced a competition after article about it Boris Johnson

Photo: REUTERS The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his Facebook commented on the article the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. “According to the Daily Mail, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson was “furious” due to the fact that the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova was sent an invitation to attend a gala evening in the house of Commons. Newspaper a whole page dedicated to this topical subject. Imagine what would happen if I went,” she wrote. Zakharova also said such statements are absurd. “London has long been a haven of evil spirits, like the remnants of the terrorists, fugitive oligarchs and the corrupted officials. And then sent the invitation angered. Democracy, in one word. Announce a competition of cartoons on the theme “Boris Johnson was furious over the call to Maria Zakharova at the gala evening in the