Norwegian MPs has cancelled a trip to Moscow because of the refusal of Russian visa

Berg Renderowanie: due to non-issuance of visas to Norwegian deputies broke down the event in the Federation Council

The deputies of the Norwegian Parliament were forced to cancel a trip to Moscow due to the fact that are unable to obtain a Russian visa. This is stated in the message published on Wednesday, February 1, on the website of the Norwegian foreign Ministry.

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs børge Brende, “it is regrettable that some members of the parliamentary Committee on foreign policy and defense was not allowed to visit Russia, despite the invitation.” The Minister noted that it was received from the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs.

In this regard, the Norwegian foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador and expressed Moscow protest through diplomatic channels and called for a review of the decision. “We believe Russia’s decision unfair and groundless,” added Brenda. The Minister stressed that the meetings between parliamentarians is an “important element” of political contact.

The foreign Ministry believe that the reason for the refusal of visas could be support by Norway of the anti-Russian EU sanctions over the situation in Ukraine.

According to NRK, five parliamentarians was supposed to visit Moscow on 2 and 3 February. The refusal got two of them.

As noted, this trip was supposed to be the first at this level for the last three years. The MPs also told NRK that, in particular, had intended to discuss with the Russian colleagues international issues, including the situation in Syria and cooperation in the Northern territories and the fisheries.

The official reaction of the Russian side is not followed.