In Indonesia, considered a sin spreading fake news

The leader of “Front of the defenders of Islam,” Habib Rizik talks to the press

The Ulema Council of Indonesia is planning to soon issue a fatwa against distribution of false news. About it reports Reuters.

“We will release it as soon as possible, because the situation is frightening, — explained the Chairman of the Board of maarouf street Amin. — I hope that at least the Muslims will no longer distribute fake”.

The Ulema Council as a whole is on a moderate position. Its decisions are not legally binding, but, as a rule, are perceived by some Muslims as a guide to action.

The reason for the publication of the fatwa was the situation around the Governor of the country’s capital of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian by religion. Mass protests against him continued for three months. The reason for the discontent of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, as expected, was introduced in social networks the video, posted by unknown opponents of the Governor, and added an innocent video subtitles, which contained false accusations. It was enough to cause resentment of the crowd.

Riots took advantage of two of the enemy Pournami: they both are Muslims and are going to compete for the post of Governor in the elections that will be held on February 15.

All attempts of President Joko Widodo to calm the passions nor to no avail. The leader of the state asked social media users not to spread unverified information, and members of the government even organized a meeting with representatives of Facebook, together to decide how to deal with the problem.