Google has filed a lawsuit against the Russians for the letter G

American IT giant Google has complained in arbitration court of the Russian Vitaly Popov, who owns a domain ɢ The citizen of Russia accusation the Corporation denies.


The address of the site, which is owned by the Russian, differs from the domain world-renowned Google search engine with just one character. Popov was chosen as the capital letter of your page Unicode symbol 0262 — “ɢ” instead of the letter “G”. The company felt that the man who registered the website in March 2016, using a fake address Google to send spam, collect personal information and spread malicious software.

Vitaly Popov called the charges a lie and Google is not going to part with the domain, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Vice Motherboard.


According to the Russians, Google has not provided any evidence of his guilt.


“There is not a single fact pointing to what I send out promotional messages identifitseerida as spam in accordance with the position of officials in the United States,” — said Popov.

According to Google Analytics, the site of the Russians appeared regularly pop-up agitation in favor of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States, as well as users bombarded various pop-up ads and other obtrusive content.


It is worth noting that Popov also owns the domain lifehacĸ where the letter “K” is replaced by Unicode character.

Photo: Jaap Arriens / Globallookpress