German police announced the defeat of Salafi underground in Hesse

In a series of raids, German police smashed Salafi underground in the state of Hesse. This is with reference to the statement of the interior Minister of the region according to Reuters.

According to the Minister Peter Bojt, participated in the operation of 1.1 thousand police officers, the search has been 54 home, office and mosque. Arrested 36-year-old Tunisian, who is suspected that he has recruited new recruits to the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). In addition, now the police checks the connection for another 15 suspects. According to the guards, they prepared a series of terrorist attacks, but the attack was averted at an early stage.

“It was not about to thwart the attack that was about to happen, explained Boyd. — Security forces in Hesse intervened ahead of time to protect citizens from possible threats.”

According to the Agency, the operation in Hesse connected with the raids, conducted in Berlin on Tuesday, January 31. According to their results, they detained three men on suspicion of having links with ISIS. The two constantly live in Berlin, one of the detainees, a native of Turkey. They all frequented the same mosque in the district of Moabit that the Tunisian Anis Amri, committed the attack on the city Christmas fair at the end of 2016.