Former Vice-President of trump spoke about his narcissism

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump is suffering from narcissism. This was stated in an interview with the tabloid the New York Daily News Barbara Rees, who served in the 1980-ies the position of Vice President in the construction company of billionaire Trump Organization.

In 1982, according to the companion publication, The New York Times published an article about narcissism, which is brought to the office one of the employees. “We were a team, engaged in the construction of the [skyscraper] the Trump Tower, and knew Donald trump, especially me. We all agreed that the characteristics described in the article, one to one suitable Donald,” said Rees.

“I pray that America has gone through his presidency, no matter how much anyone it didn’t last,” added a former employee of trump company.

The author of the book “In search of bill Clinton: a Psychological biography” psychotherapist John Gartner named the new President of the United States “dangerous mentally ill” and questioned his ability to lead the country. He expressed the opinion that the head of the White house suffers from malignant narcissism, which is different from the usual disorders of this type its incurability.

“We’ve seen enough of the behavior of Donald trump in the audience that would conclusively put this diagnosis,” said Gartner. He noted that the disease is accompanied by antisocial behavior, sadism, aggressiveness, paranoia and personality disorder, as well as patients “a sense that others do not recognize their greatness.”

In August of last year in the midst of the election campaign in the United States tens of thousands of people signed a petition on the website calling to check trump, who was then the presidential candidate from Republicans on narcissism. In the appeal it was contended that the billionaire threat to the United States, and his “impulsiveness and inability to control own emotions cause concern”.