Chaika: my sons do their own labor


RIA Novosti

Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that his two sons – Artem and Igor started the business from scratch, without the support of his father. Said in an interview with TASS.

“Sons earn their own labor, they’re intelligent, with brains. I’m they are not attached, both created their own business. From scratch! The Junior and senior”, – said gull.

The attorney General also called false information to the media about the business his sons, in particular on orders for 300 billion rubles., who allegedly got his son Igor. He added that he never interfered in the business of sons, but sometimes helped them with advice on everyday issues.

“All that we have to make, officially, declare, report to the relevant authorities. The house of his son, where they live, and the helicopter was photographed and the plane, from outer space has not yet removed”, – said Chaika.

Earlier, Yuri Chaika said that the state defence order for 2016 is 96% fulfilled.