American cruiser ran aground in the Japanese port

American missile cruiser Antietam, presumably, ran aground and damaged the propellers in the Japanese port of Yokosuka, which is one of the bases of the Seventh fleet of the US Navy. About it reports the edition Star and Stripes.

The incident with the cruiser type “Ticonderoga” occurred on Tuesday, January 31. The result was leakage into the sea about four thousand liters of hydraulic oil, said the official representative of the Navy Clint Ramsden.

Ship standing at the time of incident at anchor in the Bay, was successfully towed to port. Victims among crew members Antietam no. Currently, according to Ramsden, taking measures to eliminate damage to the environment.

The timing of the repair of the cruiser is not yet known, the fact of the incident under investigation. The newspaper notes that it is unclear how the incident will affect relations between the US and Japan.

On November 22 it became known that the latest USS Zumwalt has broken with the passage of the Panama canal. The ship was towed to the naval base of Rodman in Panama.

According to preliminary data, failure has been associated with heat exchange systems in the integrated power plant. It provides power to the various systems of the destroyers, including sensors and weapons. The problems were fixed within a week, November 30, he left Panama.