Under the nose fairing of the American liner found 14 kilos of cocaine

Under the nose fairing American liner, arrived from Colombia, accidentally discovered 14 kilograms of cocaine. About it reports Reuters.

The Boeing 757, which drugs were found, is owned by American Airlines. He flew out of Colombia and landed safely in Miami, but due to the workload of mechanics airport it has been forwarded for inspection at the airport of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When liner service one of the technicians noticed that some of the insulation panels inside the fairing look quite new. He took one of them and found a hiding place from which removed seven packages of cocaine. Their retail price, according to the American police, could reach 200 thousand dollars.

Colombia is the main source of supply of cocaine in the United States. It is imported into the country by aircraft, ships, yachts and even submarines. As a rule, Colombian drug lords buy up the Coca crop from the peasants, for whom the collection of the leaves of a narcotic plant is the only form of income, and process it at plants in the jungle. Total exports of cocaine from Colombia are estimated at $ 10 billion — a quarter of the total legitimate exports for the Colombian economy.