The terrible consequences of shelling of AFU in Makiivka: shots from the air

Almost daily by the Ukrainian army shelling of Donetsk. As a result of massive attacks, five civilians were killed and ten wounded. Damaged more than 20 homes. APU fire on residential apartment blocks direct fire. The shells are crushed bearing walls. The last time such devastation seen here in the 2014 year.


The local school in Makeyevka came under one of these attacks. Save the children had whole classes. Teachers had to hide students in the basement.


Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian security forces tried to seize the position of the army DND in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone. Over the past day the AFU suffered heavy losses.


According to the representative of the Ministry of defence DND Eduardo Baturina, the APU has lost more than 25 people, injured more than 40. It was also reported that the uncoordinated actions of the commanders of the APU, the military began to shoot at each other with mortars.