The Senator from California called to show immigration documents Melania trump

Melania Trump

Member of the California state Senate, Nancy Skinner (Nancy Skinner) demanded that the White house unveiled immigration papers US first lady Melania trump. On Tuesday, January 31, writes The Independent.

The policy statement was a protest against the tough immigration policies of the new President of Donald trump, notes Politico. “No one from the environment trump did not provide any documents, clarifying the circumstances, and that it [the President’s wife] legal status,” she said.

Skinner also said that in August last year, trump promised his wife before the presidential election will hold a press conference on this issue, however, the event did not take place.

The White house statement by the Senator refused to comment.

January 27, trump signed a decree to toughen immigration policy. It applies to citizens of seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The official list were not disclosed, but it is likely about Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan.

The decision of the head of state was condemned as within the United States and beyond. For example, Tehran has promised to respond to Washington’s actions balanced measures.

According to his official biography, Melania trump born in Slovenia, 16 years old and worked as a fashion model. In the US she moved to 1996, and in 2005 married the billionaire Donald trump. In November 2016, the Associated Press published an investigation, according to which the first lady had worked in the United States without having a work visa, which is a violation of immigration law. The Agency noted that this fact is unlikely to affect the current status of Melania trump as a citizen of the United States.