The defense Ministry gave clarifications to the draft Constitution of Syria

Photo: Reuters The new draft of the Syrian Constitution, which was presented at negotiations in Astana, involves the creation of a democratic state with a Republican form of government. “The draft of the new Constitution determined that Syria is a modern democratic state with a Republican form of government. This state should be based on the principles of democracy, rule of law and equality before him,” – said the Deputy head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces (AF) major-General Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, according to the Rambler/news citing TASS. The document spelled out that the only source of power must be the “multinational and multi-confessional Syrian people,” which determines the country’s fate through a referendum or through their elected representatives. However, the draft Constitution is a framework, its purpose is to outline the basic principles of a possible state structure of Syria as a sovereign

The Communist party can not find the former Deputy Boronenkov

Photo: RIA Novosti The Communist party can’t get in touch with a former state Duma Deputy Denis by Voronenkova. The Communists are discussing whether to exclude him from the party. It is reported TASS with reference to the Deputy of the state Duma Yury Afonin. Previously, “Kommersant” reported that Voronenkov, allegedly, gave testimony in the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine against former President Viktor Yanukovych, said “Federal news Agency”. “No communication with him,” said Afonin. He said that Boronenkov had enough time to rebut the information. If the former deputies went to the Ukraine, it causes “serious damage of the party and the country,” he said.

The ISS is the relocation of the cargo ship “Progress”

The ISS is the relocation of the cargo ship “Progress”. It needs to give way to “Science” the new module to the station. The cargo ship already sailed away from the ISS to a few hours to find a last refuge in a deserted and non-navigational area of the Pacific ocean known as the graveyard of spaceships. “Progress” pulls one of the oldest elements of the station is the docking module “Pirs”. Faithfully and sluice compartments it served the ships and the Shuttles 16 years and now the time has come to give way to the young. To replace the Pier, at the end of the 17th year comes a new laboratory module “Science”.

The woman survived after falling from the 14th floor in Moscow

In the North-East of Moscow, a woman fell from the window of the 14th floor and survived. This TV channel “Zvezda” told in a press-service gumvd across Moscow.   The incident occurred in the Bering passage. It is unknown what caused the fall of the women from the window. However, she landed in a snowdrift that saved her from certain death.   The victim taken away by ambulance, she was taken to intensive care at a Moscow hospital. Photo: 28marimari / instagram

“Creeping attack”: how the APU burn the Donbass all sides

The Ukrainian army leads a massive bombardment of all types of weapons. The operation of the APU is called “Creeping attack”. Come the Ukrainian military on residential areas and civilians.   This has already led to destroyed homes, dozens killed and wounded. The shells of the APU caught in the filtration station, damaged power lines, broke down more than ten boiler: people were left without heat in 20-degree cold.   The shells of the Ukrainian artillery were in the mine, where at a depth of hundreds of meters were trapped more than 200 miners. To raise them to the surface, rescuers managed only a few hours later. The rescue operation took place under fire.   The ceasefire, the APU violated more than 2,500 times. The militias forced to return fire. According to intelligence DNR, the security officials about 80 killed and 70 wounded.   In Makeyevka shells of the APU

Russia offered the UN security Council to adopt a statement on the talks in Astana

© EPA/JASON SZENES UN, January 31. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. Russia proposed the UN Security Council to adopt a press statement in support of the results of the negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition, which took place in Astana, as well as the upcoming discussions under the auspices of the world organization. This was stated today to journalists by the Chairperson of the security Council in January, the Swedish diplomat Olof Skoog.

In Italy arrested selling helicopters and MANPADS smugglers

MANPADS Italian police arrested three citizens, suspected of trafficking in 2011-2015 portable air defence systems (MANPADS) and combat helicopters under international sanctions on Libya and Iran. About it reports Reuters. Charged 51-year-old resident of Rome, the head of the firm on repair of helicopters and a couple from Naples. The fourth suspect is a Libyan — declared in the international search. According to investigators, the criminal group was engaged in illegal deliveries of weapons and equipment produced in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, through the third countries — Ukraine and Tunisia. In addition, the head of the firm of Rome is also charged with selling dual-use technology. August 17, informed journalists Sky News reported on the results of own investigations concerning the smuggling of weapons from Ukraine to the countries of Western Europe. According to them, the criminals know that they are going journalists, but was hoping at

In India, a man was sacrificed on the altar of the beloved goddess

In India, a man was sacrificed on the altar of the goddess Chinnamasta. About it reports The Hindustan Times. The incident occurred in the state of Jharkhand. 30-the summer inhabitant of the neighboring state of Bihar Sanjay Nath, the son of a police Sergeant, came to the temple early in the morning before dawn. As told by the clergy, he prayed a few hours, then went up to the altar, where usually kill sheep and sheep, took out a knife and stabbed himself. The temple had two hours to close because of the cleansing rituals. When the police contacted the parents of Nathan, they said they are not surprised of what happened: Sanjay was a devoted follower of Chinnamasta, prayed constantly and repeatedly stated that he wants to leave this world and reunite with his beloved goddess. “Chinnamasta” literally translated from Sanskrit means “beheaded”. Hindus consider her one of the

Immigrants in Bangladesh decided to evict flooded island

The government of Bangladesh has decided to evict the refugees-Rohingya people from Myanmar on a desert island which floods at high tides. About it reports Reuters. “We fear that a regular influx of Muslim Rohingya will lead to deterioration of a criminogenic situation in the country and will help spread diseases and create other social and financial problems”, — reads the statement of the government. To avoid the mixing of Rohingya with the local population is planned until their deportation to Myanmar to host migrants on the island Dengar, Char in the Bay of Bengal. This piece of land was formed 11 years ago from the sediments of the river Meghna. It completely disappears under water during high tide and is not even marked on many maps. This decision caused indignation of human rights activists and Rohingya themselves. Bangladesh interior Ministry said in response that it will send a special

Named the amount of spending is coming to Moscow tourists

Tourists coming to Moscow for shopping, spend a day about 10 thousand rubles. On Tuesday, January 31, said the head of the Moscow Department of sports and tourism Nikolay Gulyaev, reports POLENTA. At the same time, guests visiting the capital for work, spend 5,9-6,3 thousand roubles, and the cultural tourists — a 5.4-5.8 thousand rubles per day. “Depending on the purpose of arrival varies considerably and the cost structure of the tourist. If business tourist most of the money spent on travel, accommodation and meals, for a cultural and educational tourist about one third of all expenses are the costs of events,” — said Gulyaev. According to the Department, about one-third of tourists come to Moscow to participate in recreational activities. In particular, the festival “Journey to Christmas” has attracted more than 4 million people. In addition, more than 7 million people visited the festival “Circle of light”, installation of