In the Irkutsk region at a fire in a private house killed 4 people

As a result of fire in private house in Irkutsk region killed four people, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia.

The fire occurred in the night of Tuesday, January 31, on the streets of Butyrki in the village of Ust-Orda. Presumably, the fire could begin from-for short circuit in the wiring.

According to operational data, the fire started from the porch, so the fire blocked the exit of the people inside.

Random eyewitnesses, a passing car, managed to get out of the fire two children — a girl of 16 years and seven-month-old girl. One of the men climbed inside through the broken window, took the child and returned. Following this, from a burning house, he pulled a woman and a teenage girl. However, the mother cried out, inside still have children, and rushed back to the window. After this happened collapse of the roof.

The house was extinguished only in the morning. When parsing the burned structures found four bodies — two adults, male 45 years and 40-year-old woman lying near the window, two children, 16-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy in the bedroom.

Investigative Committee began preliminary examination. As noted, the family is characterized as safe.