“Creeping attack”: how the APU burn the Donbass all sides

The Ukrainian army leads a massive bombardment of all types of weapons. The operation of the APU is called “Creeping attack”. Come the Ukrainian military on residential areas and civilians.


This has already led to destroyed homes, dozens killed and wounded. The shells of the APU caught in the filtration station, damaged power lines, broke down more than ten boiler: people were left without heat in 20-degree cold.


The shells of the Ukrainian artillery were in the mine, where at a depth of hundreds of meters were trapped more than 200 miners. To raise them to the surface, rescuers managed only a few hours later. The rescue operation took place under fire.


The ceasefire, the APU violated more than 2,500 times. The militias forced to return fire. According to intelligence DNR, the security officials about 80 killed and 70 wounded.


In Makeyevka shells of the APU caught in the hospital, at a nearby school children were evacuated to the basement because of the shelling.


Operation of the APU started on the eve of Poroshenko’s visit to Germany, to Angela Merkel. There the Ukrainian President once again decided to show “Russian aggression,” Poroshenko picturesquely leave the meeting urgently to fly to Ukraine “to prevent a humanitarian disaster in the town”.

Photo: mil.gov.ua