A suspect in the attack on a mosque in Quebec was accused of murder

The attack in Quebec

Canadian Bissonet Alexander, the main suspect in the attack on the Islamic center in Quebec, is accused of six murders and five attempted murders. About it reports CBC News.

By words a press-the Secretary of the Royal Canadian mounted police of Camille Habela, depending on the outcome of the preliminary investigation Bissonette can be charged other charges, including terrorist activities.

According to Le Journal de Quebec, after the attack on the mosque, the police called one of the friends of the suspect and said that he professed ultra-right views, as well as propagating the idea of superiority of the white race.

An armed attack on the Islamic cultural center, which is known as the Great mosque of Quebec, occurred during evening prayers on January 29. Bursting into the room, the assailant opened fire from automatic weapons. At this point in the building were from 40 to 100 people. In the attack six people were killed and five were seriously injured.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has called the attack on the cultural center of the cowardly attack, the government of Quebec described the attack as a terrorist attack.