The state Duma approved Putin’s anti-corruption amendments in the first reading



The state Duma in the first reading accepted a package of anticorruption amendments of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reported on the website of the Duma.

Under the bill, governors will be obliged to check information about the income of mayors, officials were permitted to lead the parties, and entering the universities of the FSB will have to declare the income information.

In addition, the bill imposes on the governors duty to verify the accuracy and completeness of information about income and property of persons occupying municipal positions. If anti-corruption legislation is violated, the Governor is obliged to apply for early termination of powers of the employee in the local authority or the court.

Also, according to the bill, “participation in the management of political parties these persons, state and municipal servants are allowed without any restrictions.”

Earlier, the international organization Transparency International published the corruption perception in which Russia took the 131-th place. Later, the General Prosecutor’s office of Russia reported that for committing of corruption crimes in Russia in 2016, was convicted of more than 13 thousand people.