The Russian Embassy has published a comic verse response to Theresa may


RIA Novosti

The Russian Embassy in London on Friday has published in his microblog on Twitter comic verse response to the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, advised America to comply with the Russian principle of “cooperate, but watch out.”

In Russian poem can be translated as follows:

“Cooperate, but be careful,” the Prime Minister warned.

As far as we know, the cold war has long been rested”.

In English the poem reads:

“Engage but beware”,

The Prime Minister said

As far As we’re aware,

The Cold War was long dead.

Provided poetic work hashtag Poems about Trump and May (“Poems about trump and Mae”).

May, speaking on the eve of the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, said Ronald Reagan in his time followed in relations with the Soviet Union the principle of “trust but verify”. According to her, President Putin “my advice is to cooperate, but watch out.”