The Pentagon will assess the ability of Russia and China to survive a nuclear attack

The U.S. intelligence community and the strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States examined the ability of the state structures of Russia and China to survive a nuclear attack and continue to function, according to Bloomberg on Monday, January 30.

As notes the edition, a study was commissioned by Congress on the initiative of both major parties, “representatives are concerned about the growing military power of China and have doubts about the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

The study was monitored by the office of the Director of National intelligence (supervising and managing the actions of the intelligence community of the United States — approx. “Of the”) and the headquarters of the Strategic command (US Strategic Command), which controls the strategic nuclear forces. Performers should prepare a report that will assess the ability of the guide to survival, military command and control structures of the Russian Federation and the PRC, and the ability of these countries to continue to implement the state program.

As noted in conversation with the correspondent “” an officer of the Russian strategic missile forces, similar reports since the advent of nuclear weapons is regularly produced and updated in the framework of the nuclear planning in the United States and Russia, and are the basis of regularly updated strategies for nuclear Arsenal in various embodiments of armed conflict.