The DNR unveiled a monstrous loss, the AFU under Donetsk

Over the past day the AFU suffered heavy losses trying to capture the position of DNI. About this site of TV channel “Zvezda” said the representative of the Ministry of defence DND Eduard Bacurin.


“The Ukrainian army in recent days has suffered serious losses. While trying to seize the position of the DNI and the result of “friendly fire” killed more than 25 people, injured more than 40,” – said Basurin.


According to the defence Ministry of DNR, large losses of the Ukrainian security forces suffered, trying to capture the position of the army DND in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone. In addition, the uncoordinated actions of the commanders of the APU, the military began to shoot at each other with mortars.


Basurin added that the shelling by the Ukrainian security forces killed three soldiers of the DNR, and another four were injured. There are victims among civilians.


“Civil – two dead, three wounded,” – said Basurin.