The chief executioner of the ISIS killed in Iraq

In Iraq, the unknown dealt with the chief executioner of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports The Daily Mail, citing the Iraqi news Agency.

“Unknown armed group killed on Sunday, January 29, with the most famous executioner of the ISIS — the so-called Abu Sayyaf — said one of the agencies a source in the security forces of the country. — He was lured into an ambush near the al-Dawasa in the West of Mosul. He has received several stab wounds and died on the spot.” According to others, the Abu Sayyaf ambushed.

Abu Sayyaf, in his career, beheaded more than 100 people were also the head offices of the ISIS in Nineveh province. He received notoriety including that collected the heads of their victims and repeatedly appeared on propaganda videos of ISIS.

In Mosul now ongoing military operation. It involved units of the regular Iraqi army, the Kurdish militias and groups of volunteers, the purpose of which is to establish complete control over the city. The international coalition led by the United States provides air and artillery support. By 18 January 2017 military completely liberated the Eastern part of Mosul.