Published data on 9686 guards of Auschwitz

The Institute of national memory of Poland has published a complete database with the names of all the Nazi leaders, and the guards, guards who served in concentration camp Auschwitz. Also the list includes managers, chatrapatti and physicians.

Few decades, historians have spent on the study of the archives, which were scattered around the world. After examining the records stored in the United States, Poland, Germany and Austria, they made a list of 9686 names despite the fact that some of them even known the date and place of birth, date of entry into service in the SS, citizenship. Some even managed to find photographs.


If the warden Auschwitz-Birkenau was convicted after the Second World war, to his profile on the website and also attached copies of court documents and writs of execution for those who were sentenced to death. However, as we know from the data of the Institute of national remembrance of Poland, on the dock, ended up only 12 percent of all employees of the death camps.

Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress