Police said the number of victims of the shooting in Quebec

The number of victims of the shooting in Quebec has risen to six. On Monday, January 30, reported the press-Secretary of police of the province of Coulomb Christine (Christine Coulombe), reports ABC News.

Another eight people were wounded in the attack. As noted by Coulomb, the remaining 39 are present at the Islamic center at the time of the attack did not receive any injuries.

The Prime Minister of the canadian province Cuyar Philippe (Philippe Couillard) called the incident a terrorist attack. “After the attack I went to the National Assembly of Quebec, with the request to lower the flag of Quebec,” wrote he in his Twitter.

Three armed criminals broke into the Islamic cultural centre in Quebec city, which is called “great mosque” of the city during evening prayers on January 29. The attackers, shouting “Allah Akbar!” opened fire. At this point in the room, according to various estimates, there were from 40 to 100 people.

Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers detained two suspects in the attack. According to Le Soleil, one of them was armed with a Kalashnikov. Another offender allegedly managed to escape. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has called the attack on a cultural center of the cowardly assault.