Unknown shot the visitors of the restaurant in Istanbul

In Istanbul, unknown persons opened fire on visitors of the restaurant. As a result one person was killed and at least two were injured, reports The Daily Sabah. According to preliminary data, the attack in Beykoz district, not a terrorist act: the shooter suddenly recognized one of the visitors of a person 12 years ago who killed his father, and decided to take revenge. He did it — he killed the alleged perpetrator. According to the police, other visitors were injured or as a result of ricochet bullets off of walls, either in a stampede when frightened crowd rushed to the exit. On the night of 1 January in club Reina in Istanbul, an unidentified terrorist opened fire. The victims were 39 people, including a Russian woman Nurana Hasanova. Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Onf activists create interactive map of the landfills

Activists of the Russian popular front (onf) will create an interactive map of the landfills. This was stated by the Director of the Center for public monitoring of the popular front for problems of ecology and forest protection Dmitry Mironov, reports TASS. The map will be created in the framework of the project “General cleaning”. Objects on it will be done by volunteers. The idea of the organizers, later the data will be able to use local authorities to eliminate illegal landfills. “You can think about the mobile app if we will see that this resource (interactive map) is popular among the population,” — Mironov said, noting that this resource could become the social network of environmentalists. Earlier in January, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the onf, the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Olga Timofeeva told RIA Novosti that currently in Russia there are

The Russian Embassy has published a comic verse response to Theresa may

Photo: RIA Novosti The Russian Embassy in London on Friday has published in his microblog on Twitter comic verse response to the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, advised America to comply with the Russian principle of “cooperate, but watch out.” In Russian poem can be translated as follows: “Cooperate, but be careful,” the Prime Minister warned. As far as we know, the cold war has long been rested”. In English the poem reads: “Engage but beware”, The Prime Minister said As far As we’re aware, The Cold War was long dead. Provided poetic work hashtag Poems about Trump and May (“Poems about trump and Mae”). May, speaking on the eve of the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, said Ronald Reagan in his time followed in relations with the Soviet Union the principle of “trust but verify”. According to her, President Putin “my advice is to cooperate, but watch out.”

Sergey Lavrov headed the media rating of Ministers in 2016

Photo: RIA Novosti The Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov headed the Russian media rating of Ministers for the year 2016. According to a study conducted by the company “Medialogia”, he walked up to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, who took, respectively, second and third positions. The three leaders of the media rating has not changed in comparison with 2015. The rating was formed on the basis of specific media index, which takes into account not only the number of mentions in Federal and regional media (about 37 500 sources), but the influence of the source, character references and the role of the object in the message. The most noticeable movement in the table media rating last year saw the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova (+8 points in comparison with year 2015) and Minister of construction and housing Mikhail men (+4). For the first time

Gorbachev urged Putin and trump resume political dialogue

Photo: RIA Novosti Former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev in an article in Time magazine stated that Russia and the United States needs to “resume political dialogue” and to get out of the situation of the nuclear threat. “Today, the nuclear threat once again seem real. Relations between the great powers are getting worse and worse for several years. Supporters of arms buildup and military industrial complex are rubbing their hands. We need to get out of this situation. We need to resume political dialogue, aimed at joint decision and joint action,” – said Gorbachev. Gorbachev noted that the focus should again be paid to the prevention of war, and come to the gradual abandonment of the arms race and reduction of arsenals of weapons. The ex-President addressed the members of the UN Security Council with an appeal “to take the first step to achieve these goals, and the

The court confirmed the decision on collecting with “Antonov” 180.3 million rubles in favor of the defense Ministry

© Marina Lystseva/TASS MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. Ninth arbitration court of appeal confirmed the lawfulness of recovery of the Ukrainian enterprise “Antonov” 180.3 million rubles in favor of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for breach of contract for the construction of the aircraft An-70, reports the correspondent of TASS from the courtroom.

The number of abortions in Russia declined by 13%

In Russia in 2016, decreased the abortion rate by 13%, told journalists the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, reports TASS. According to the head of Department, further reducing the number of abortions, the potential for increasing the birth rate.   “2016 was very significant, because it decreased the number of abortions in one year at 96.3 million, a 13% decline,” said Sarcova.   According to the Minister of health, the abortion rate is the result of a deliberate complex work. This was openly a large number of offices and centres for the prevention of abortion.   Skvortsova also said that the work in this direction will continue, as it has already brought good results: the number of abortions in Russia has decreased twice. Photo: Gabriel Szabo 002 / Globallookpress

The DNR unveiled a monstrous loss, the AFU under Donetsk

Over the past day the AFU suffered heavy losses trying to capture the position of DNI. About this site of TV channel “Zvezda” said the representative of the Ministry of defence DND Eduard Bacurin.   “The Ukrainian army in recent days has suffered serious losses. While trying to seize the position of the DNI and the result of “friendly fire” killed more than 25 people, injured more than 40,” – said Basurin.   According to the defence Ministry of DNR, large losses of the Ukrainian security forces suffered, trying to capture the position of the army DND in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone. In addition, the uncoordinated actions of the commanders of the APU, the military began to shoot at each other with mortars.   Basurin added that the shelling by the Ukrainian security forces killed three soldiers of the DNR, and another four were injured. There are victims

Published data on 9686 guards of Auschwitz

The Institute of national memory of Poland has published a complete database with the names of all the Nazi leaders, and the guards, guards who served in concentration camp Auschwitz. Also the list includes managers, chatrapatti and physicians. Few decades, historians have spent on the study of the archives, which were scattered around the world. After examining the records stored in the United States, Poland, Germany and Austria, they made a list of 9686 names despite the fact that some of them even known the date and place of birth, date of entry into service in the SS, citizenship. Some even managed to find photographs.   If the warden Auschwitz-Birkenau was convicted after the Second World war, to his profile on the website and also attached copies of court documents and writs of execution for those who were sentenced to death. However, as we know from the data of the

An American soldier was killed in the first military operation by order of the trump

Archive photo In Yemen for the first time in the history of the conflict killed an American soldier. It is reported by The New York Times. Attack on camp of insurgents “al-kaidy” in the Central part of Yemen became the first counter-terrorist operation, sanctioned by Donald trump as President. The attack was conducted by soldiers of the unit SEAL Team 6 on a moonless night, to fully use the advantages of American night-vision devices. In the result, they were killed 14 militants, including the brother of the former leader of the Yemeni jihadist Anwar al-Aulyaki. Americans one person was killed and three wounded. Initially it was reported that among the civilians there were no casualties, but the military later said that the test reports of the deaths of women and children during the attack. As notes the edition, the operation against the Yemen wing of “al-Qaeda” has been discussed for