Maria Zakharova: no One is going to argue with the Syrians



The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the briefing said that the Russian side does not impose solutions on the Syrian Constitution and nobody is going to argue with the Syrians on this issue.

“Moscow does not impose solutions, but to accelerate such a complex work in preparing such a document. In fact, this document is a questionnaire on the subject, which would be the Constitution. This set of abstract ideas suggests that the Syrians themselves will search for the answer”, – said Zakharov.

However, she said that “Russian experts suggested a number of options for such research, which is based on international legal approaches to the Syrian settlement, which was announced in the decisions of the UN security Council and International Syria support group”. “We agree with what has been presented in Astana, you may disagree. It is important to have started the process of discussing the future project of the Syrian Constitution, should be a process of discussion,” she said and added that “no one is going to argue with the Syrians on these sovereign Syria issues.”

It is also worth noting that, as said Zakharov in the Moscow hopes for long-term cooperation with Tehran and Ankara on the Syrian settlement. “We see this interaction of constructive and, of course, perhaps, after all, long-term, because we are well aware that Syrian settlement – this question is long and requires consolidation of efforts of all involved in this process States,” – said the official representative.

Meanwhile, in relation to the Munich security conference 17-19 February, which will bring together over 500 high-ranking politicians and experts from around the world, Zakharova said that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov plans to take part in it. “As we said, will be attended by Sergei Lavrov at the Munich conference on security policy”, she said and added that the Russian delegation will be announced later.

Zakharova also outlined Moscow’s concern on the issue of the detention of the correspondent of Russia Today, Alexander Rubinstein in Washington during the inauguration ceremony of Donald trump. He was involved in the coverage of the protests against the 45th President of the United States and arrested by the police.

“Correspondent performed his professional duties, he had a press pass, and, nevertheless, Alexander Rubinstein was detained by police for almost a day. I hope that the incident will be thoroughly investigated,” – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.