Kazakhstan has rendered humanitarian aid to the people of Syria in Tartus

In the Syrian port city of Tartus, the Russian military handed over the Syrian side of the humanitarian aid from Kazakhstan. It is reported that all the country was brought about five hundred tons of flour, canned meat, rice and pasta, as well as other necessities.


“As part of the humanitarian convoys this food will be redistributed to the provinces transferred to the communities most affected by the hostilities, to arrange the issue directly and cooking”, – said the representative of staff of logistics of the Russian aviation group in Syria, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Grechko.


It is noted that Russia delivered all 33 containers on a cargo ship from structure of forces of the auxiliary fleet of the Russian Navy. It is noted that received government assistance in the region. They thanked Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and noted that she goes to three cities – Aleppo, Latakia and Tartous.


“In these cities there is a difficult humanitarian situation. Aleppo three years detained terrorists. Now there return to civilian life, but many people just have nothing to eat. There are no products. Need help in the first place, the refugees,” said Deputy Governor of the province of Tartus Muhammad Jarry.


Another convoy, this time from Kazakhstan – has already been formed. Soon the cargo will be delivered to the destination. After that humanitarian aid will be delivered to the population.

Photo: Aude Guerrucci / Globallookpress