In Moscow, an attempt of raider capture of garazhno-a building complex

In the North-East of Moscow attempt of raider capture of garazhno-a building complex (HSC) “Bibirevo”. It is reported by REN TV, citing a security guard site.

According to him, on Sunday evening, 29th January, about 40 people in camouflage and bullet-proof vests tried to break into the office of GSK. “They destroyed all the cameras and began to hack the door,” said the guard. To enter the building the attackers failed. The causes of the incident, said the man, unknown to him.

Official confirmation about the attempt of raider seizure GSK has not yet been reported.

In the capital management of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that at 22:41 on the remote standby received a message about hooliganism with the use of traumatic weapons on the street pleshcheeva, 14 “A”. “The arrived police officers have been detained and delivered in territorial Department for further investigation, all participants of incident”, — explained in the police.

As a result of shooting one person was injured, he was hospitalized.

In fact the incident is checked, reports RIA Novosti.