In amber was found “alien” insect

American entomologist George Poinar from Oregon state University found in Myanmar, the piece of amber in which was stuck an insect, a creature with bulging eyes and a head of the “enemy”.


According to the materials of the study published in the journal Cretaceous Research, found the insect is so unique that it was decided to include being in a separate squad.


One of the most unusual features of the insect is its head, having the shape of an inverted triangle. To the neck the head is attached to the “sharp end”. All izvestneishego, having a head of triangular shape are usually “attached” to the body at the other end.



“He’s got a long neck, large eyes and strange elongated shape of the head, so I immediately thought that it reminds the alien” – said the scientist.



Experts suggest that such a head shape helped extinct insect quickly to escape from predators, because they gave a good review on the sides.