A clairvoyant has predicted the future of Putin


RIA Novosti

Us journalists asked the famous fortune teller from Hong Kong to Priscilla Lam to predict the future of the main world leaders in 2017. Clairvoyant said that Donald trump face problems in the cold season.

According to the sibyl, the US President was born in the year of the Fire, but because success awaits him in the warm season – spring and summer. In autumn and winter, on the contrary, trump will face great difficulties. In particular, the country can expect massive protests, reports CNN.

Forecast Pristsily regarding the Russian leader was much more optimistic. “The dragon is strong and can go anywhere: it can swim in water or fly in the air, he is filled with enthusiasm,” so the fortune teller had described Vladimir Putin. According to clairvoyant, 2017 will be for the President is good and his country’s economy would thrive.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel the fortune teller likened to a strong tree, “whose roots go deep into the ground.” According to Priscilla, the politician has a good heart and so well-disposed toward the refugees. However, the good intentions of Merkel turn into problems in the summer. According to fortune-tellers, the Chancellor will fail with them successfully cope.

According to Priscilla, 2017 will be a failure for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “His eyes say that his people did not support, and folds around the mouth suggests that it can betray subordinates in government.”