Theresa may in the United States outlined his vision of the principles of relations with Russia


Pete Maclaine / Zumapress /

The West should cooperate with Russia from a position of strength, while trying to avoid conflicts. This was stated by Prime Minister Theresa may, speaking before members of the Republican party in Philadelphia. Her words leads RIA Novosti.

“There is nothing inevitable about the conflict between Russia and the West, nothing is imminent in terms of a return to the days of the cold war. But we must deal with Russia from a position of strength. And we need to build relationships, systems and processes to make cooperation more likely than conflict,” she said.

According to may, this approach has become particularly relevant after the “illegal annexation of Crimea”. In her opinion, it is necessary to guarantee Russia’s neighboring countries that their security is not under question.

On the Syrian issue, may believes that the UK and the US can cooperate with Russia, using the rule “trust but verify”. With Russian President Vladimir Putin — “my advice is to cooperate, but to be alert,” she added.