The member of the Seimas wants to take Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast

The former press Secretary of the President of Lithuania, now a member of the Seimas Linas, Balsis offered away from Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast. Such a statement he made during the discussion “the World in 2017”, held in Vilnius last week. About it reports the local edition of three Lebanese


The parliamentarian is sure that Kaliningrad was transferred to Russia temporarily, but not forever.


“It was said: give under the administration of the USSR until, while in Europe will not sign the final peace Treaty,” he said.


According to Balsys, the question of transition of the Kaliningrad region to Lithuania should deal with the leadership of the Baltic States or the European Union.


Previously, the government of Lithuania decided to build a 45-kilometer wall on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast. For the construction of a massive fence they are going to spend 3.6 million euros. This measure, according to the country needs to stop the smugglers.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti