The media learned about guaranteed by the Russian Constitution draft of Syria freedom


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The new draft Constitution of Syria, proposed by Russia at the talks in Astana, guarantees a series of freedoms — of thought, expression, conscience and religion, including protection of the temples. It is reported by RT, citing a document obtained from a source in the Syrian opposition.

Also the draft law stipulates the prohibition of propaganda or agitation exciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity, and also propaganda for social, racial, national, religious or linguistic supremacy.

The project involves ideological diversity and respect for all religions and religious organizations. No ideology may be established as state or mandatory, the state is obliged to ensure the safety and respect for the rights and freedoms of national and religious minorities.

The Constitution indicates the right of every person to participate in political, economic, social and cultural life of the country. Discrimination by reason of sex, origin, language or religion is not allowed. Both men and women have the right to participate in public Affairs and to exercise their political rights. The state guarantees the protection of motherhood, childhood and old age, and will take care of the children and young people.

Syria is sole, inviolable and indivisible. State boundaries may be changed only by referendum.

According to the document, Syria establishes military forces and other armed formations to ensure its security, the organization of military or paramilitary activities outside a state authority is prohibited.

The official language of Syria is Arabic, state agencies and the organization of Kurdish cultural autonomy are Arabic and Kurdish languages interchangeably. In addition, each region reserves the right to use as a Supplement to the official language of the majority population, if it is approved by local referendum.

Earlier it was reported that the draft includes a provision on establishment in the territory of the Arab Republic of Kurdish autonomy. However, the Syria should remain a unitary state. From the name of the country can eliminate the word “Arab”, leaving the name Syrian Republic.

In addition, the Constitution proposing to remove the paragraph about the rule of Sharia law, and to abolish the right to re-elect the President for a second seven-year term. Of the basic law also can disappear a provision stating that the head of state must be Muslim.

On 24 January the Russian delegation at the talks in Astana were handed over to representatives of the armed Syrian opposition proposals for amendments to the Constitution of Syria. Currently in the Republic there are the basic law, adopted in 2012.