The inhabitant of Kuzbas have decided threats and kidnapping to wean her from thoughts of suicide

In the town of Yurga (Kemerovo oblast) 19-year-old local resident abducted a minor girl, to wean her from thoughts of suicide. This was reported on the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in the region. In connection with the incident in respect of a previously convicted young man criminal case is brought.

According to investigators, familiarity with the accused 17-year-old victim occurred in September of last year. At night, the girl approached the young man to find out where you can purchase alcohol. He said that he came for alcohol, and offered “to go along to the local people”. After they bought the drinks, a young man invited a companion along to drink it in his house. She at first refused, but when a new acquaintance accused her of cowardice, agreed.

On the way, the girl said that not once tried to commit suicide, and showed the scars from the cuts on his hand. The accused decided to teach her a lesson and show “what is most valuable is life.” He came home and promised to kill the guest, and then to sell the organs. The girl is scared, and she tried to escape through the window. “The owner noticed it, managed to grab her by the hair. To get back he couldn’t, and after a while he felt numb hands and the victim fell from a height of the fourth floor. It is noteworthy that, ran into the street, he didn’t call an ambulance, and brought the girl to an apartment where she fell asleep,” — said the investigation Department.

In the morning the owner of the apartment invited a friend to continue drinking alcohol. While young people talked, the girl ran home and told her parents about the incident. They called an ambulance and the victim was hospitalized. In the hospital she was diagnosed with rib fractures and lung damage. After that the doctors called the police.

The suspect in the kidnapping of resistance the investigation has not had and confessed. Currently, the case is submitted to court for consideration on the merits. In addition, the investigators sent a submission to the Commission on Affairs of minors, in the absence of proper control on the part of the parents of 17-year-old girl. They also called the police due to “lack of preventive work with persons previously convicted of leading an immoral life”.