The hope for a “fantastic relationship”: what signals sent each other Putin and trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin held yesterday evening, January 28, telephone talks with his us counterpart Donald trump. This is the first conversation between the two leaders in the production format – the previous short discussion immediately after the elections was of official character. At this time, the presidents talked for about 45 minutes.


There is footage of Donald trump in the oval office of the White house during these telephone conversations. Along with him at that time was leading advisers trump: Vice-President Mike Pence, Advisor to the President for homeland security Michael Flynn , the head of the White house Raines, Pribaz, as well as Advisor on strategic issues Stephen Bannon. Among other topics, they discussed the fight against terrorism, the situation in the middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the main aspects of the crisis in Ukraine.


As the press service of the Kremlin: during the meeting, both sides “demonstrated attitude for the active joint work”. It is noted that during the conversation, Putin and trump expressed a desire to see “real coordination” between Moscow and Washington to defeat Islamic state and “other terrorist groups in Syria.”


The leaders agreed to stay in touch and start the process of arranging a personal meeting. The issue of lifting of sanctions apparently was not discussed in detail, but the known position of the Kremlin: Russia not initiator of lifting sanctions, because we did not enter them.


Trump sat with the phone on Saturday afternoon: he held telephone talks with five heads of state. His first conversation with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. After that, trump had a conversation with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. It is known that, as the subsequent dialogue with Vladimir Putin, he lasted 45 minutes. By the way, during the interview, trump’s editions of the Times and Bild, a German journalist asked the American President, who is closer to him, Putin or Merkel? Trump responded in the spirit that both leaders are equally important to him.


It is of course important signals, but we must remember that in America, now is the dawn of posttrade. What it is, can be explained by the following example: Journalists this week, accused the new press Secretary trump Sean Spicer in a lie. He said trump at his inauguration attracted audience more than Obama. It turned out that all did not. Counselor of trump Kelleen Conway told reporters that Spicer did not lie, and cited alternative facts. So now there is no right and wrong, and there are facts and alternative facts.


Meanwhile, trump diligently fulfills his campaign promises and that is even more shocking to Americans, who as it turned out that they are not ready to change. Trump is the same as Peter I was the first go ahead. Not only it cuts the beard, but rather, Americans want to cut trump. Fashion magazine GQ made a collage, what they want to see the American President: sause he pants, comb it to get this older Ken (friend of Barbie). But that’s a mug: trump ready to withdraw America from the twentieth century, with its obsession about liberal globalism.


But there is a caveat: the trump hails from the distant past. Not accidentally, its main contact with Russia, he sees Henry Kissinger, who is now ninety-three years. At the time, Kissinger held productive talks with Brezhnev, preparing the visit to Moscow by Nixon. He really bad graduated and after Watergate was dismissed, but trump looks like without prejudice. The history of relations with Putin, he starts with a clean slate.


One of the key statements trump before the telephone conversation was as follows: “this gentleman I do not know yet. But I hope we will develop a fantastic relationship. And if we have formed excellent relations with Russia and other countries, if we are together going to smash ISIS, then I’ll take that as well.”