The expert said, than startled Europe conversation trump and Putin

Between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald trump made his first official phone conversation since the American leader’s office. The heads of state discussed many important issues on the global agenda. Scientist and former head of the Institute of democracy and cooperation in new York Andranik Migranyan told the website of the TV channel “Zvezda”, which fear European leaders in connection with improving relations of the Russian Federation and the United States.


“I must say, trump had five telephone conversations, but the focus of American politicians and analysts was riveted on the conversation with Putin, because there are expected some changes. I must say, many worry among the American allies. They did recently at a loss, are accustomed to act at the behest of “big brother”. And then big brother says – take care of business themselves, and we their deeds will do for yourself. And they have a fear, and suddenly trump unilaterally remove sanctions, the more he is not worth anything, he can sign the decree. However, there is a threat in the face of U.S. senators, McCain, that they will hold the bill through Congress, but it is a long procedure and it is not clear how this will be done,” said Migranyan.


According to political analysts, the behavior of European leaders resembles the behavior of people bound by common crime, and at the moment they are trying to persuade trump to the past anti-Russian vector.


“It’s very frightening for Europeans. And French President Hollande and British Prime Minister Theresa may, they warned trump. The impression that they have to act on the psychology of people involved in a collective crime. They made with Obama together a crime against Russia, and now the main “leader of the gang” changed and came other and he is not responsible to this group, and to Russia. It can change its policy, and in what light are these “European partners?”, – said the analyst.

Photo: Sascha Steinach / dpa-Zentralbild / Globallookpress