Urgent call: trump wants to talk with Putin

Photo: RIA Novosti The US President Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News that he expects to talk with the head of Russia Vladimir Putin soon. This is reported by the Rambler/news. “He [Putin] called me after my win [in the elections], but I haven’t had the discussion. As I understand it, we’ll talk soon,” said trump. The American leader has underlined that cooperation of Russia and the USA could be beneficial for both countries and would defeat “the Islamic state (ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). “I don’t know Putin, but if we can get along, that would be great, it is good for Russia, good for us, together we’ll break the spirit of the IG,” – said trump. Previously, the NBC News correspondent said that a telephone conversation between Putin and trump may occur on the weekends. According to CNN, the conversation needs to

Supporters of Clinton was preparing Moldovan Maidan – Dodon

Political opponents of the President of Moldova Igor Dodon has collaborated with a team of Hillary Clinton and in case of its victory on elections in the United States was going to have in Kishinev “color revolution”. About this Moldovan leader said in interview to the program “week” with Irada Zeynalova, the website of NTV.   “They even started to cook some specific things, there are yellow ribbons. Know what Ukraine was. And we looked the script around came to this”, – he stressed.   Thus, according to Dodon, “to arrange a Maidan in Chisinau,” they were prevented by two factors: the victory of Donald trump in US elections and the hard position of Dodona during the presidential race in Moldova.   “I immediately after the election came out and clearly said: “Guys, don’t play with fire. If need be, we will protect this victory at any cost”. I think

In the state Duma linked the incident in the port of Sevastopol with Ukrainian saboteurs

Kiev has not abandoned the idea to cause a diversion in the Crimea. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Belik, commenting to RIA Novosti, the incident with the detection of suspicious objects in the port of Sevastopol.   The place is now de-mining unit. There is a suspicion that in the area of the marine station, found an improvised explosive device.   “If these military geniuses in Kiev believe that sabotage or threats to influence in Crimea and Sevastopol, it is the collapse of all their hopes,” said Belik.   In the area of the marine station are employees of the emergency services and ambulances, as well as patrols with a search dog. The outlets on the Nakhimov square, it was recommended to stop work. Photo: Amzayev Server / Globallookpress

The member of the Seimas wants to take Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast

The former press Secretary of the President of Lithuania, now a member of the Seimas Linas, Balsis offered away from Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast. Such a statement he made during the discussion “the World in 2017”, held in Vilnius last week. About it reports the local edition of three Lebanese source.lt.   The parliamentarian is sure that Kaliningrad was transferred to Russia temporarily, but not forever.   “It was said: give under the administration of the USSR until, while in Europe will not sign the final peace Treaty,” he said.   According to Balsys, the question of transition of the Kaliningrad region to Lithuania should deal with the leadership of the Baltic States or the European Union.   Previously, the government of Lithuania decided to build a 45-kilometer wall on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast. For the construction of a massive fence they are going to spend 3.6 million euros.

Russian General staff: the draft Constitution of Syria, involves a Republican form of government

© REUTERS/Majed Jaber MOSCOW, January 29. /TASS/. The framework draft of the new Constitution of Syria presented by Russia at the talks in Astana, involves the creation of a democratic state with a Republican form of government. This was stated by Deputy head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces (AF) major-General Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Lawyer Yanukovych has called the conditions for his return to Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is ready to arrive home to attend the court if he will provide security and will also be investigated case about attempt at it. On Sunday, January 29 in an interview to television channel “112 Ukraine”, the lawyer said the fugitive head of state Vitaly Serdyuk. “The defense is doing everything as quickly as possible had completed investigation in the case of the attempted murder of Yanukovych. If this is the case will still be investigated, will be installed face and the government can provide security, he will participate personally in this matter”, — said Serdyuk. He added that while the former President in court proceedings will participate remotely. January 18, Ukrainian media published photos of a letter of Yanukovych to Russian President Vladimir Putin, dated March 1, 2014. In it, the politician is asking the Russian leader to send troops into

The defense Ministry disclosed details of the Russian project of the Constitution for Syria

The draft Constitution for Syria, developed by Russian specialists, provides for the establishment in the country the Republican form of government. On Sunday, January 29, said Deputy head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of armed forces major General Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, who headed the group of Russian military experts at the talks in Astana, transfers “Interfax”. “It is important to note that the draft Constitution is a framework designed to outline the basic principles of a possible state structure of Syria as a sovereign state,” — said the Gadzhimagomedov. It is envisaged that the Syrian state should be based on the principles of democracy, rule of law and equality before him, and the only source of power must be the “multinational and multi-confessional Syrian people”. According to Gadzhimagomedova, the document takes into account “as a modern democratic principles and norms of the secular state, and existing for

Dutch investigators have found it difficult to decrypt the data from Russia on MH17

Briefing of the international investigation team Dutch investigators were unable to decipher the materials on accident “Boeing” in the Donbass, transferred from Russia to the Netherlands in October 2016. It is reported by the Austrian newspaper Standard. On 28 January, the representative of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office said in Amsterdam that the data was provided in a format different from international standards. To decode the experts need more information from Moscow. As stated in the Ministry of security and justice of the Netherlands, investigators must determine whether these technical data primary radar information from the disaster area. Materials on теме18:18 28 Sep 2016“the Intelligence was clear that he was hit by a Ukrainian pilot” Russian politicians responded to the new findings regarding the death of “Boeing” in Донбассе16:55 13 Oct 2015Not the “Buk”Concern “Almaz-Antey” and the security Council of the Netherlands think differently The Dutch-led international investigation team, establishing the

The spiritual administration of Muslims recalled the importance of federalism in the debate about the hijab

In the Spiritual administration of Muslims (DUM) proposed to solve the issue of the admissibility of the hijab in schools from a regional perspective. About it in interview to “Lente.ru” said the first Deputy Chairman of the DUM of Russia Damir Mukhetdinov. “In the word “Federation” is the main mechanism and philosophy of the state, according to which without taking into account the characteristics of the population residing in a particular region, we are not able to build a harmonious society. If we do not adopt features of another, different for us human, we will never find harmony,” he explained. Mukhetdinov reminded that now in Russia there are 25 to 30 million Muslims, representing 15 percent of the total population. In the near future they will be 20-25 percent. “Do not consider their vote would be a disaster for the country”, — said the representative of DOOM. On January 26,

Ninth-graders will have to pass an oral speech

Olga Vasilyeva From 2017, the Russian ninth-graders within the State total certification (GIA) will take the oral speech. The head of the Ministry of education and science Olga Vasilyeva said in an interview with NTV television, published on Sunday, January 29. “While this pilot project. In a year it will be all country”, — said the Minister. According to her, now a few selected pilot regions, and then this part of the GIA will be introduced everywhere. Vasiliev said that now “we are back essentially to what we have to say, we have to explain to their thoughts, we got to speak in their native language.” Minister of education and science also said that in 2017 the test part of the assessment was only in a foreign language. Vasilyev added that knowledge of subjects necessary to train for exams, and learn to learn. In November 2016, the Minister supported the