On Mont Blanc found the body of a Russian skier

Russian skier died in France after falling into a crevasse near Mont Blanc. The man’s body was discovered on Sunday, January 29, at the height of three thousand meters, according to Le Parisien.

According to the publication, 28 January the 30-year-old Russian fell in a crevice, descending from the Aiguille du MIDI. His 60-year-old father also fell into a crevice when he tried to catch the phone and call the rescuers.

About the missing, rescuers said one of the friends of the Russians. Representatives of the emergency services flew over the mountainous area by helicopter, but have not been able to detect. Sunday in search of advanced group of rescuers composed of 14 people, she found the deceased and his father. As noted, an elderly man is in a state of shock.

In the Russian Embassy in Paris could not confirm this information, saying that the checks appeared about this information, reports TASS.