Madagascar in an accident with a wedding procession killing 45 people

At least 45 people were killed in a traffic accident involving a wedding procession. On Saturday, January 28, reports the news Agency “Xinhua”.

The accident occurred in the city Anjozorobe, located 90 kilometres North-East of the Madagascar capital of Antananarivo. The truck with about 70 relatives of the newlyweds fell from the bridge into the river Mananara.

As told the mayor of the Fishing Randriamanantsoa, it killed 27 women, 9 men and nine children, including both newlyweds. Most of them drowned in the water. Injured another 24 people.

According to the mayor, the cause of the incident is not yet established, since the driver was also killed.

On January 27 in Israel due to strong winds EN route from Jerusalem to Ariel, a passenger bus skidded and he fell off a cliff with a height of 70 meters into the gorge on the West Bank of the Jordan river. Two people were killed and another seven were injured.