In Magadan partially refused my gas card

Magadan has partially lifted restrictions on the sale of gasoline AI-95. On Friday, January 27, RIA Novosti said the representative of the supplier of the fuel.

According to him, in the port of Magadan came the tanker “Igrim” with fuel. “The tanker arrived, is unloaded. Partially limit the sale of gasoline AI-95 at the pump Magadan has already been removed. Gasoline gradually they are imported,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, all the stamps canceled by 30 January. In the near future it is expected the arrival of another tanker.

On 23 January it became known that at gas stations Magadan introduced the sale of gasoline a-95 on coupons because of the shortage of fuel this brand. It was noted that a temporary limitation due to a fault of the tanker delivering oil products to the region. Deficiency of other types of petroleum products in the Magadan region were recorded.

Gasoline prices were taken under the control of the regional government. Currently, a liter of AI-92 at the gas station Kolyma is 45,03 ruble, AI-95 — 47,27 ruble, AI-98 — 52.2 ruble.