German Finance Minister admitted mistake a massive intake of refugees

The Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang schäuble acknowledged that government adopted the decision on the mass admission of refugees in 2015 was incorrect. He told this in an interview with Welt am Sonntag.

The Minister stressed that the authorities are currently trying to fix many things that “got out of control in 2015.” Schaeuble added that politicians are people too and make mistakes. “But, at least, the mistakes you can learn from,” he said.

In early January the interior Minister of Germany Thomas de Maiziere said that the number of refugees arriving in Germany in 2016, amounted to 280 thousand people, three times less than the previous year (890 thousand). “This suggests that the measures taken by the Federal government and the authorities of the European Union, was sufficient,” said the Minister.

Speaking about the measures he was referring to the agreement between the EU and Turkey, under which Ankara is allocated 3 billion euros for the containment of migration flows. In return, Turkey promised the acceleration of negotiations on the accession to the European Union and the granting of visa-free regime for short trips to the EU.

In 2015 the EU, the crisis erupted because of the influx of refugees. According to the International organization for migration, for the year came to Europe more than a million displaced.