The vehicle hit the four workers near the bus stop in the center of Moscow

Continued: In a network there was video of fatal accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt

The car VAZ-2114 shot down four pedestrians near the bus stop on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. About it reports on Saturday, January 28, network edition

As noted, the driver lost control, causing the car left the pavement. As a result of incident one person was killed.

According to TV channel “360”, the victims — the workers who cleared the snow. It is reported that the incident occurred in front of Novoarbatsky bridge in the center. The driver of the car also were injured.

At the scene working employees of the traffic police and several ambulances.

January 10, Mazda entered the public transport stop in the suburban Lyubertsy. The driver was killed and three people were on the sidewalk, were injured.

In November 2016 passenger car crashed into the tram stop on the highway of Enthusiasts in Moscow. Then nine people injured.